About Madison Trading House

We are Madison Trading House

Madison Trading House was created to enable aspiring traders to learn how to trade stocks and options with confidence. Our proprietary strategies are utilized in our daily live broadcasts to identify stocks which are likely to make significant price movements over a designated time frame, with our primary focus being on intraday and weekly trading patterns.


While we believe that long term investment is critical to overall financial success, our strategies focus on capturing profits from short term price movements of stocks prices. Specifically, we seek to capitalize off of event-driven price movements, which are more commonly called “news-events”.


If you are new to trading, we teach you all of the essential knowledge you will need in order to begin evaluating stocks in order to identify trading opportunities. You will also learn the essential elements of the stock market so that you will clearly understand what the stock market is and how you can potentially profit from it. You do not need to have any experience in the stock market to join us. We will teach you everything that you need to know.


For the novice and intermediate trader who has some experience in trading stocks, we will teach you proprietary techniques to help you to achieve long term trading success. You will learn how to evaluate a trading strategy in order to determine if you are on a solid path to ultimate success, or if you are merely experiencing random success which will likely fade away with time. Indeed, the most difficult aspect of trading is knowing if what you are doing is truly giving you an advantage. We will help you to identify if it is, while also teaching you proprietary strategies designed to help you to trade at times where you are more likely to have an advantage.


Finally, we provide a live daily broadcast where we identify actionable trading opportunities which you can take advantage of in real-time. We will provide valuable market insights to help you to successfully navigate each trading day.

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